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What's Going On?

Hey!! Thanks for stopping by!

We're still in a whirlwind world...but, some things are opening up,

and it sort of feels normalish?? 

I'm happy to have some regular gigs in Toronto with awesome musicians. It feels so good! 

I've also been able to catch so many local musicians around town. IT'S SO GOOD!! 

It's feeding my soul,

and I get to share my soul too!! 

As weird as these times are, I, like everyone else am navigating the new scene. I'm moving forward with a new album -hoping for a release summer/fall 2022! Woot! 

I'm so thankful for my fans, and believers that keep pushing me, and supporting me. If I learned anything during the pandemic it's that I need that connection with my keep coming out, keep sending messages, keep listening, keep on keeping on.

We need each other!! 


 I continue to hold space for those that are hurting, those that have lost, those that are tired, those that are trying their best, those that are holding on to hope, those that are giving beyond their limit.


I don't know you, but, I love you! 


                INHALE, EXHALE -We Got This!!